Home Age Conversations

Home Age Conversations

A Podcast About The Residents

Home Age Conversations is a podcast about the anonymous art band The Residents. The first episode was posted in December of 2018 and was even promoted by The Residents themselves. Podcasts need to be hosted somewhere and so I developed a complete site for the podcast, linked below.

Originally the site was hosted on a subdomain of my mew151.net domain. Once a few episodes came out, and the show was serious, I helped them move to a separate domain.

As of March 2020, Home Age Conversations is currently on hiatus. The chaos of the year 2020 seriously disrupted the production of the show. However, I don't think the show is completely dead, and I'd like to see it return one day. :)

Home Age Conversations acted as a spiritual successor to another officially unofficial Residents podcast, The Residents BOGcast. For the first one-and-a-half episodes of HAC, we had Sparky, the host of the BOGcast, act as a sort of advisor for the show. He later took on the role of producer for the podcast with the second episode.

My favorite episode of theirs is the River of Crime episode. Bonus fun fact: Home Age Conversations was featured in The Residents' encyclopedia Faceless Forever.

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