Natalie's Gamez Archive

Natalie's Gamez Archive

Games From Childhood to Adulthood

My Gamez Archive site is a website developed to (hopefully one day) document and preserve all the video games I've ever made. Even the cringy ones. Especially the cringy ones.

Unlike a professional portfolio, the Gamez Archive is meant to catalog both my modern games as well as games I made when I was a literal child. I think it's really satisfying to see my growth as a developer, and it's fun to try to connect the dots between then and now. There are a lot of shared aspects between my games that can be appreciated when the whole story is actually shown.

Given what I just said about portfolios, it's ironic that the Gamez Archive website actually has its roots in a portfolio website I made as part of a high school Game Design & Development class. A lot of the basic format is actually borrowed from that earlier portfolio. And any screenshots I took for that original site were completely reused in the Gamez Archive website (which is why you'll occasionally see Windows XP/7 in the screenshots). I really enjoyed making that original portfolio website, and the Gamez Archive is essentially its evolved form. I think younger me would actually be pretty excited that at least some form of the original portfolio is now publicly accessible on the World Wide Web. :)

The Gamez Archive first went up in 2021 and is powered by Zonelets, despite not actually being a blog. I think it was one of the first steps I made to reviving my interest in cozy personal websites

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