{ bios }

{ bios }

An art project in three gates

{ bios } is the de-facto name for an ongoing art project I have worked on since 2012. While technically, the actual project itself doesn't have a name, I had to name the directory something when it was first published, and it ended up taking the name of the first gate of the project, also named {bios}.

The project is made up of three gates, which are each made up of three parts:

  • Gate 1: {bios} (Published 2014)
  • Gate 2: antimoon (Published 2015)
  • Gate 3: [locked] (Published 20??)

Currently the projects are surreal and difficult to understand poetry and prose. Originally my intention was to just release them out onto the internet in the hope that people would just stumble upon the mysterious writing, but it turns out that the internet doesn't really work that way. So for the first time, I'm actually explicitly saying hey, this this is an art project I made, check it out!

By the way, this new index page lets you navigate to each unlocked gate straight from here. But if for some reason you'd like to see the original cryptic and mysterious index page, you can find that below:

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