KALW - The Residents Go to the Dogs

This is a recording of KALW's "The Residents Go to the Dogs" program from . This is essentially a perfect copy of the stream from the website, although it may have been slightly further compressed when I cut it down and exported it in my audio editor. All the music tracks are intact, however, the quality is not ideal (You can find better audio quality from those unauthorized Youtube uploads) so if you've come to pirate Rz or Moondog music for some reason... well, this isn't exactly the best place to do so. Anyway, if you are an angry Sarah Cahill or Cryptic Corporation representative, I can take down this recording. I can also cut out the music bits if that's what bothers you, since really the only interesting thing for Residents fans are the talking sections. Although if you do contact me, please tell me the titles of these Moondog tracks, because I'm not familiar with all of them.

If this audio doesn't work or you want your own copy... well... you figure out how to download it.

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