My Residents Collection

Here's a list of Residents things I own. Currently there are no pictures; this is just a list with some basic info on it. I think eventually I will update this page with pics though... maybe?

This collection is ordered in an approximately chronological manner. Specifically, everything's ordered in "The Residents' Timeline", but not by strict product release date. For example, I will place a modern CD rerelease of Meet The Residents before the original vinyl release of Mark of the Mole, since the original MtR came out before MotM. If that's confusing... well it makes sense in my brain! And it is how I order my actual collection on my shelves.


Name Identifier Notes
A Nickle If Your Dick's This Big
(WB Album + B.S. pREServed Editions)
NRT999 This is placed first since this material was produced prior to the formation of The Residents
Refused gg314 Klanggalerie CD release
Not Available (pREServed Edition) NRT007 Still sealed in plastic; in accordance to the Theory of Obscurity it must never be listened to.
The Third Reich 'n Roll (pREServed Edition) NRT003 pREServed Edition from 2018
Fingerprince (pREServed Edition) NRT004 pREServed Edition from 2018
The Commercial Album (pREServed Edition) NRT009 pREServed Edition from 2019
Mole Box NRTBOX010 pREServed Edition releases of Mole Trilogy
Intermission / Census Taker HYCA-2044 "Mini LP" CD Release from JP label BirdSong
Title in Limbo gg200 Klanggalerie rerelease from 2014
Mole Show 2 Disc Set None Digipak identical to the one found in RA030 minus the extra goodie bag. Number 35 / 400.
God in Three Persons (pREServed Edition) NRT013 pREServed edition release from 2019
Freak Show (pREServed Edition) NRT016 pREServed edition release from 2021
Gingerbread Man (pREServed Edition) NRT017 pREServed edition relase from 2021
The Voice of Midnight LCDSTUMM291 Mute release with booklet
el Año Del Muerto gg372 Compilation album rerelease on Klanggalerie from 2021
Morning Music gg373 Compilation album rerelease on Klanggalerie from 2021
WoW Demos 1 gg374 Demos for Wonder of Weird tour, released on Klanggalerie in 2021
WoW Demos 2 gg393 Demos for Wonder of Weird tour, released on Klanggalerie in 2021
The Wonder of Weird RZ1403 Full concert audio release. One of my most treasured Residents posessions. Number 78 / 400
The Ghost of Hope MVD9754A While this copy was actually bought in Japan, this is not the JP release with an obi, this is the standard MVD/Cherry Red relesae.
I Am A Resident! MVD1330A CD Version
Intruders CDBRED731 Came with special post card from Cherry Red
In Between Dreams Live SR15 Longbox CD Release, Unopened
(because I have like a million other versions of this album)
In Between Dreams Live in San Francisco CDBRED823 Audio CD is identical to SR15.
I told you I have a million other versions of this album.
God In 3 Persons (Live at the MoMA) None CD-R version of their MoMA performance
Triple Trouble: The Original Soundtrack Recording CDBRED862 i still havent listened to this lol. Came with special post card from Cherry Red

Vinyl Records

Name Identifier Notes
Warning: Uninc. NRTLP999D RSD Release, limited to 2000 copies
B.S. NRTLP011 RSD Release, limited to 1400 copies
Meet The Residents MVD5139LP MVD rerelease
Not Available MVD5122LP MVD Pressing
Not Available (pREServed Edition) NRTLP007D 2 LPs, vinyl release of NRT007
Not Available (Work in Progress) NRT007P7 7"
Duck Stab MVD5452LP Newbury Comics "Fire Orange With Black Streaks" pressing from 2021
Please Do Not Steal It! MOVLP1611 RSD Exclusive. No. 001285. I did not buy this on Record Store Day, this was just randomly in my local record store years later.
Eskimo ESK7906 2nd Pressing (Black vinyl, gatefold)
Eskimo MVD5453LP MVD Pressing, no gatefold / liner notes
Residue of The Residents SV073 2xLP Superior Viaduct 2014 Rerelease
George & James RZ-8402 2nd Pressing (Black Vinyl)
The Big Bubble RZ8552 2nd Pressing (Black Vinyl, Gatefold)
The Big Bubble SP25-6014 WAVE release, no obi, contains lyrics sheet
The Big Bubble SP25-6014 WAVE sample release with obi
Snakey Wake SR09 "Normal" release, unnumbered
Gingerbread Man NRTLP017 LP Release as part of the pREServed series
Wormwood NRTLP019D LP Release as part of the pREServed series
Bigfoot Beware / For Maurice PR005 The boring normal black vinyl edition, 7"
Intruders MVD1417LP MVD LP Release
In Between Dreams Live SR15 Black/White swirl vinyl. Number 161 / 250
Dreaming of an Eyeball Beaming SR16 Blue/Black vinyl. Limited Edition Number 198 / 250
Picnic/Loser + God's Magic Finger (Live In Japan) CHERRY820 7" limited to 999 copies
The Residents Present Alvin Snow, AKA Dyin' Dog PR030 Collection of four 7" 45rpm records. Black edition.
Metal, Meat & Bone MVD3741LP MVD 2xLP release
Loss of the Lizard Lady SR13 "Canary Yellow and Red" Pressing from 2022. Number 43 / 200
Santa Dog 50th Anniversary Collection SR33 "Peppermint" Pressing. Number 99 / 150
Santa Dog 2022 NRTSD2022 7"

CD-ROM / DVD / Blu-ray

Name Identifier Notes
Freak Show (Macintosh, US) CDRM 1147850 US Version, sealed
Freak Show (Macintosh, JP) CDRM 1147850 CD and Packaging completely identical to US version.
Freak Show (Hybrid, US) CDRM 1255030 Hybrid Mac / Windows version.
Gingerbread Man (Macintosh, US) 76896-40006-2 US Version in "long box", sealed
Gingerbread Man (Windows, US) 76896-40068-2 US Version, In Jewel Case
Gingerbread Man (Macintosh, JP) IMJJ-14 Japanese Version in "long box"
Bad Day on the Midway None In Jewel Case
Bad Day on the Midway None In box, sealed
Bad Day on the Midway 日本語(にほんご)字幕版(じまくばん) SWDT-005 Japanese subtitled version in box
The Commercial DVD 9275-9 Mute release
Talking Light: Bimbo's MVD5251D DVD
Theory of Obscurity: A Film About The Residents None Blu-ray version
The Residents' God In 3 Persons MVD11859BR Blu-ray version. I watched this get recorded and I am also in this recording.


Name Identifier Notes
Bad Day on the Midway 9780997592320 Antibookclub release from 2020. Signed
The Brickeaters 9781934170724 spill the tea
A Sight for Sore Eyes Vol. 1 MVP005 Normal Edition
Faceless Forever: A Residents Encyclopaedia CRBOOK69 i may or may not be in this book
A Sight for Sore Eyes Vol. 2 MVP007 Deluxe Edition
UWEB Newsletters 1988-1993 MVP007-2 Part of MVP007 deluxe edition

Misc Merch

(Note: due to the nature of this section, it's going to be the most incomplete.)

Name Notes
Residents Bobblehead Limited edition. Head does not like to stay on.
Theory of Obscurity Poster Poster for the movie.
めだまろん Promo Flyer Mini poster for the Japanese version of Theory of Obscurity
In Between Dreams Poster: Salt Lake City / Urban Lounge Bought at show in SLC. Is numbered "3150".
The Residents 50th Anniversary Retrospective Trading Card Set Bought at Gi3P show in San Francisco, 2022.

Related Artists

Name Identifier Notes
Snakefinger: Chewing Hides The Sound SR35 Neon Green Pressing by Secret Records
Renaldo and the Loaf: Arabic Yodelling + Grain By Grain (For Accuracy) gg207 Klanggalerie rerelease
Renaldo and the Loaf: Gurdy Hurding gg233 CD Release on Klanggalerie
Renaldo and the Loaf: Long Time Coming (Live in Viena) BGMERR0002 RSD Exclusive vinyl release.
I did not get this on RSD. My record store gets the weirdest stuff sometimes.
Fred Frith and Hardy Fox: A Day Hanging Dead Between Heaven And Earth gg264 Everyone please listen to this album
Hardy Fox: ❤️ gg271-2(P) ❤️
Hardy Fox: 25 Minus Minutes gg299 / TOOK5 RIP Hardy Fox
Ukawanimation! Presents XXX Residents: Attack Of The Killer Black Eye Ball QACR-30007/B Japanese Residents Remix Album