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This area of my site is dedicated to one of my favorite instruments: The Accordion! These days, the accordion seems to be a pretty niche instrument. A lot of people even straight up hate accordions. I want this to be a space where I can passionately write about the accordion and my journey learning it!

Why Accordion?

I just thing it's a really cool and fun instrument! It's like a handheld organ you can take anywhere! It's pretty versatile as a solo instrument. And you get to hug your instrument all the time. :)

I think most importantly... it's just super fun and exciting to play. The accordion is a complex piece of machinery and getting your hands to coordinate and operate it properly feels almost like you're controlling a weird steampunk mechanism... that makes music! The movement of the bellows also in a way forces you to physically entrain with the music you're playing in a way that makes it more satisfying to play the accordion compared to some other instruments I play.

Accordion Linkz

Coming Soon:

  • Accordion Sheet Music
  • More? Idk!