About This Site

This site is a tribute to the World Wide Web. I have been fascinated by the web from a young age, and I've always wanted to have my own website. There was just something so fun and interesting about having your own digital world to do whatever you want with. I think the site TRsRockin in particular was a big influence on me... there was so much to explore on this site and it made me want to become a webmaster!

I first learned HTML through Neopets, making pages dedicated to my virtual pets. A few years later I eventually got my own free website on Freewebs, but as I was learning more and more about backend programming in PHP, I wanted more power. I developed a local intranet prototype for the next iteration of my personal site, expanded using fancy PHP instead of lame static HTML.

In 2009, I was somehow able to (convince my parents to allow me to) buy my own website and domain, hosted by LunarPages. At this point, the idea for a personal website had been eclipsed by a larger vision: a complex browser-based Pokémon roleplaying game website, similar in design to Neopets. You could have your own Pokémon, battle with other users, and also there was this whole economy system and blogging functionality and... well, lots of scope creep. As a result, I never even finished an alpha version of the site.

The Pokémon website was eventually abandoned, and my domain and website mainly laid dormant. I'd still upload stuff to the site to share privately with friends, but the actual root of the domain was blanked out for basically a decade.

Many of the sub-sites that are currently part of this website were the small pieces of content I'd subtly link to on my bare-bones homepage. My art project { bios } was the first page actually linked to on the homepage, starting in 2014. Starting in 2017, Perfect Pop Star Academy effectively became my personal website, though it was just a blog I seldom posted to. I began hosting the Home Age Conversations podcast website in late 2018. And in 2021, I started my Gamez Archive site. Throughout all of this, my own homepage was still mostly blanked out, only linking out to these other sub-sites.

But... the urge to host a dedicated personal website at mew151.net was still with me throughout all these years. In early 2022, I grew fascinated with Neocities, the IndieWeb, and... well the general aesthetic of Web 1.0 style websites. I think it's at least partially a pushback against the current push for web3, which in my opinion is currently co-opting the word decentralization to specifically imply the harmful and pointless usage of blockchain technology. I want to instead simply focus on having my own space away from social media, with the hope that maybe others will join me and we can have a web that is at least a little bit more decentralized and free. :)

Plus... I just want to dump a bunch of stuff onto here anyway! No one on Twitter wants to hear my thoughts on accordions or obscure Japanese new wave bands! But on here I can shout into the void as much as I want!

About Me

The Dossier on Mew151

  • Name: Natalie
  • Code Name: Mew
  • Gender: Female
  • Category: Webmaster
  • Current Mood: The current mood of mew151 at www.imood.com
  • Operating System: Arch Linux
  • Hobbies: Programming, Gaming, Surfing the Web, Playing the Accordion, Lucid Dreaming
  • Nintendo Switch: SW-7145-2463-1623
  • Fediverse: @natalie@prismst.one

Hi, I'm Natalie! If you're into ~cooler internet aliases~ instead, you can call me Mew. Like the domain name! I'm a professional software engineer and hobbyist game developer. I currently do professional work with modern web technologies, and working on this site is a great break from all of that stuff! I believe in free and open source software, and yes, I use Linux. You can see a variety of my silly internet quiz results here if you think they'd give insight into my personality.

I love anime, especially idol anime! (My producer name is MewP). I'm also a Lucid Dreamer. I love weird avant-garde music (specifically from The Residents or anyone else related to Ralph Records). Also I love rhythm games. I currently play two musical instruments, both of which I love: Accordion and EWI.

By the way, my favorite Pokémon is obviously Mew, though Oddish is my favorite non-legendary Pokémon.